Serving businesses in the Metro area since 2008, NJ based United Energy Consultants(UEC) can help you save on the cost of energy. We are a dedicated team of Energy management Consultants with the expertise to help you enhance the efficiency of the energy used at your properties. By doing so you reducing your operating costs but increasing the value of the property itself.

UEC can implement our “Energy Lock” program for you, which is a custom buying strategy that locks in energy rates for long-term savings and stability. This can save up to thousands of dollars on what you pay for energy. We do this by using wholesale suppliers who offer the same services at substantially lower rates. As experienced Energy Consultants we have worked with businesses from all industries to help them reduce their energy costs.

In today’s competitive marketplace, the total cost of providing energy for several businesses at once can be a major factor in the high cost of operation. When energy costs consume too much of the operating budget it can lead to a business being forced to shut down. With United Energy Consultants, one of the top United States Energy Consultant, you can prevent this from happening to your businesses.

If you are a business owner, it is vital that you find ways to use energy more efficiently, as well as save money on the cost of energy. United Energy Consultants consists of a professional team of Energy Management Consultants NY who can advise you on the most efficient ways to utilize energy, which will save you money in the process. We have been involved in providing deregulated energy as well as risk assessment since 1994. With our experience and analysis we can certainly show you how this will benefit your bottom-line. In using energy more efficiently and reducing the cost accordingly, those assets can be better spent on growing your business. Give us a call TODAY to schedule your consultation!

Energy Efficiency, Tips For Consumers

1. Consumers can take easy, inexpensive steps to reduce household energy consumption and minimize energy loss. Reducing air leaks could cut as much as 10 percent from an average household s monthly energy bill. For example, consumers can: Seal leaks around doors, windows, and other openings such as pipes or ducts, with​ ​caulk or weather-stripping ​2. […]

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Natural Gas Storage Report Injection Season Week 12 (Week Ending June 17, 2016)

Natural Gas Storage Report  Injection Season Week 12 (Week Ending June 17, 2016)

Today, the EIA reported a net build of 62 Bcf in Week 12 of Injection Season. This number is slightly bearish compared to the market expectation of 60 Bcf, but is once again considerably lower (29%) than the five year average for this time of year. Future injection estimates are still bullish, as temperatures are […]

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Con Edison Testing Drones For Energy Inspections

NEW YORK – Con Edison is testing drones to carry inspection cameras inside of the towering boilers that produce steam for some of New York City’s most iconic buildings. The company is testing the drone technology as a way to reduce the time and cost it takes to inspect the boilers, which are an integral part of […]

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