Green and Sustainable Strategies (UEC’s Own Managing Director In His Monthly Column In Total Food Services Magazine)

Saving energy is one of the most important goals for facilities, communities, or organizations today. There are a number of systems that can be used to address this issue. One of the best tools to use is Energy Management Software.

Energy Management Software (EMS) provides tools for reducing energy costs and consumption for buildings or communities. This requires significant initial investment. However, once implemented, the savings brought by energy management software are considerable.

There are several benefits of Energy Management Software. Such as utility bill management, data collection, energy information reporting, and the list goes on. EMS enters utility bills manually, provide an online database of energy use by site, and, optionally, pay the invoice. This results in an accurate database of energy consumption, and elimination of billing errors and late fees. EMS requires submetering of certain energy loads to manage energy use in real time or to allocate energy costs to product lines, customers, or tenants. This allows operators to make the appropriate load changes based on real time data.

Our cutting-edge software provides superior business solutions. UM 4.0 (Utility Module) is a customizable software system exclusively designed to manage utility costs and consumption. It serves as the central management tool to analyze data, efficiently group accounts, and maintain, service and advise users on the performance of their contracts, budgets and energy consumption. Whether managing a single facility or hundreds of facilities across the country, UM provides an array of property information, including budget analyses, usage analyses, daily re-projections, year-end forecasts, custom reports, as well as savings analyses.

UM 4.0 provides the integration of utility operations, finance, procurement and accounting efforts into an easy-to-use interface. Users will receive system generated updates advising of changing market conditions and their impact on users’ budgets and expenses. Email alerts are generated to notify users of any utility variances, so that appropriate action may be taken. UM’s robust tracking system, combined with effective commodity procurement, results in greater control of overall expenses and enhanced data management.

You can set up user access to UM 4.0 to allow that user a view based on portfolio, property or building. In addition, there are several permission levels, including “read only” to set access, accounts payable and admin status which allow users to set alerts and establish budgets within UM. Our secure servers keep user data private and only accessible to authorized users. With an unlimited number of user logins available, UM can be scaled to handle any size portfolio.

UM 4.0 stores individual meter invoices to provide users a very granular level of detail. The database hierarchy groups these meters into properties, buildings and utility types to offer the user multiple ways of viewing utility data.

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